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Markos talks Mari into moving from Athens to Tinos, so as to realize his dream of a quiet life away from the city, “...where there is time for everything and there is no haste.” On his very first day on the island, he is an eye-witness to a bank robbery. An old friend, a mysterious woman and a bizarre coincidence bring him to Myconos, face to face with the robbers. Will he resist the temptations brought forth so unexpectedly by his new life? When the murders begin, the situation becomes dangerously complicated, and things unfold in an unpredictable way, with a barrage of reversals. An adventure among the picturesque Cycladic alleys, driven by human passion and alternative moral codes which do not differentiate between perpetrator and victim...

If God wanted me to shine for my good deeds, he surely wouldn't have entangled me in this strange affair. And I can't say his purpose was to test me, since, being omniscient, he surely knows my most remarkable talent is to easily become worse than before. So, by reductio ad absurdum, I concluded that yesterday's unhoped-for love escapade in Myconos was also God's will. I was thinking about all that while dragging my feet home from the port, exhausted by my adventurous weekend. Two days full of unexpected events, pleasure and the pungent smell of money. And when money is bank money, in other words stray and dirty, you feel such compassion for it that you start thinking about taking it in, dressing your guilt in the garments of divine justice. This way, you won't ever have to add regret to your already numerous shortcomings.”

Nefeli, 2014, 190 p.

Kritikos Markos

Markos Kritikos was born on the island of Chios in 1968. His family comes from the island of Tinos, and he lives in Athens. He studied topographic engineering and works as a bank clerk. 

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