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Infidelity with Murder

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The smart solve their problems, but the wise don't let them emerge at all, goes an old saying. You can't call me wise, since I got into trouble without realizing it. Well, no big deal. Besides, my life bears irrefutable witness to the fact that I have never claimed wisdom. But now I had to be smart. Why didn't I go to the cops and tell them everything I knew? Why didn't I even tell my wife? Since all my life I always found a simple, clear-cut and wrong solution to every problem, I decided to keep my mouth shut.


I made a triple Greek coffee, took my beloved Marlboros beside me, like the ones I used to keep in the back pocket of my torn Levi's twenty five years ago, and sat in front of the computer. I put “Blitzkrieg Bop” by the Ramones on, and the day began with such intensity that would make even Lazarus rise from the dead. And right then I saw why I hadn't told anyone! For once I wanted to do what I feared. I wanted a resurrection for my adventure-dead life!”

A 45-year-old man, turned bank clerk by accident, becomes an eye-witness to a heinous crime outside his house at Patissia. Is it a chance to make a dull life interesting, or a threat with unpredictable consequences? Motivated by the unfulfilled wishes of his youth, he quits the role of spectator and becomes protagonist in a dark story unfolding in Eastertime Athens amid the financial crisis and the political instability before the elections. Trying to uncover the fishy role played by the strange people living in the three-storey house across the street, he gets entangled in their plot and embarks on an adventure that might change his life for ever...

Nefeli, 2013, 244 p.

Kritikos Markos

Markos Kritikos was born on the island of Chios in 1968. His family comes from the island of Tinos, and he lives in Athens. He studied topographic engineering and works as a bank clerk. 

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