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Wine with Strychnine

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In August 2004, just before the Athens Olympics begin, the murder of two important Greek athletes is a shock. Were they lovers ? Is the jealous husband the killer ? Everything points to that solution but he is not.

A journalist who was in the past the lover of the husband, his brother and two lawyers will try to find out what really happened and why the husband is trapped.  Their perseverance will bring the truth with its social meaning out.

The real affair is about doping and illegal relations between pharmaceutical companies and sport competitions.

Kyriaki Gerozisi describes with a concise style and a bit of humor very well chosen details on characters and their love -and not only- affairs. She looks at her characters with sympathy and understanding that makes the reader feel very close to them.

In a book which is no long, she gives lots of information about the athletic world of international competitions and a glimpse on some of the problems hidden in the world of international sport :  women’s maltreatment, xenophobia and racism.

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