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December’s Ghosts

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Beware of the past…

Athens, December 2008. Alexangelos Elephantis is a 40 years old ex boxer, who failed his title fight due to a heart problem. He leaves alone stuck to his inglorious past - the death of his ex girlfriend Athena and the loss of the title - drinking beers and listening to rock music. He owns a gym but the bank wants to confiscate it due to an old debt.

Philosophy Professor Socrates Papailiopoulos is found dead under mysterious circumstances. In his heritage he leaves Alexangelos 100.000 Euros under the term to watch over his 16 years old daughter, Thalia, and his dog, Plato. The same day Alexangelos receives a post card, showing two statues of Athena and Socrates. A 15 year old boy gets killed by a policeman and riots burst into town. Thalia gets involved in the riots and Alexangelos has to protect her. When a second dead man appears, things start to get real dangerous and now Alexangelos has to find out who is threatening Thalia and himself and why. While the story unfolds we go back 17 years to a different December, a December connected to the “Macedonian issue” and questions start to gather: What do Alexander the Great, Zenon of Cition (the founder of the Stoic school of Philosophy) and Argentinean Poet Juan Gelman have to do with the death of Socrates and the reunion of a forgotten terroristic team?  Who is sending postcards from Buenos Aires? What dark secrets hide Papailiopoulos’ ex secretary Lydia, police officer Hector, and the Anarchic Priest? Will Alexangelos manage to win this new challenge or will he fail again?

Using as a background the real event of the death of a 15 year old boy by a policeman, December’s Ghosts, is a contemporary urban crime novel, full of Rock music, action and twists, describing how a nation stuck to the past failed to predict the future.

Metaixmio, 2012, 370 p.

Giannakoudakis Lefteris

Lefteris Giannakoudakis was born in 1972. He studied Biology and script writing in Athens. He lives in Heraklion, teaching creative writing and Biology.

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