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Tatsopoulos Petros

Tatsopoulos Petros

 He was born in Rethymno, in December 1959. He grew up in Athens. He began studying economics and political science but never completed his studies. He has worked as a trainee social worker, screenwriter, journalist, publishing advisor and presenter of a state television program on books entitled Spirit of contradiction. He published the following books: The Underaged (1980), Painkiller (1982), Animated Cartoons (1984), The Heart of the Beast (1987), The first appearance (1994), Carefree stories (1995), Comedy (1999), Pepper on the tongue (2000), The stick and the carrot (2004), The sky on our head (2004), Honoris Causa (2004), Spicy stories (2005). His book The Heart of the Beast was translated into German by Dialogos Verlag. He has written scenarios and has published six novels, two collections of short stories. His writing exemplifies the Greek literary style that emerged in the 1980s. 

A twenty-year-old Athenian girl commits suicide. Her childhood friend, who had been in love with her, reflects on her life in an attempt to understand the reasons for such a desperate act. After some contemplation about the life of a teen in modern-day Athens, he identifies with her and realizes that he too would resort to such an act, if only he had the courage.

Α true story 

Petros Tatsopoulos, in this new novel, tells the story of an adoption that he knows very well. He tells us the story of his own adoption. He takes us with him for a walk in a life where nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted; and through this lack of stability we discover a way to lead our lives by being open to change and learning how to rely on the bigger picture, the anonymity of our true benefactors, the kindness of strangers. He writes with a combination of style and emotional power that few writers have achieved and he creates a story that is hilarious and moving at the same time.