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The first two stories of The City, “In the mystical silence of the night…” (2009) and “The gentleman’s high jinks” (2010) have been published in Greek, in illustrated editions.

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Somebody leaves his home in the middle of the night, ready for the big adventure. We don’t know where he’s going, but apparently neither does he. He will meet some strange people –or is he the strange one ?- and a speaking duck and they will continue together their trip to nowhere. But the police will stop them and they will be conducted to prison where they cannot stay as one of the words they use, “Democracy” doesn’t exist in the Dictionary.

A patient servant, dedicated to his absurd duties, narrates the life of his master, baron of Solanum, a fallen aristocrat who lives in the tower of his forefathers; a life full of follies, trying desperately to recover his long lost inspiration to write.