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Glykofridis George

Glykofridis George

George Glykofrydis was born in Athens in 1964. He has worked in television and cinema and alongside Theodoros Angelopoulos as Assistant Director. He has studied at the Deutsche Film-und Fernsehakademie in Berlin, Philosophy at La Sapienza University in Rome and Computers and Communications. He has published short stories and two novels and has been awarded for his work.

It is March 2011 and the financial crisis has stretched across the earth. It controls everything and imposes its own rules. But on West 23rd Street, in Manhattan, New York, in one of the most charming hotels in the world, at the Hotel Chelsea, as if in some other place, some other time, someone is trying to keep a promise that he made ten years before: a promise of eternal love.

Thessaloniki 1945. Stavros is an evil man and he makes his best to betray Jewish people when asked by nazis. This is just because he wants to become rich.

Thesaloniki 2006. Moses and Ariane are facing Romeo and Julietta problems when they want to be together. Will History destroy their lives ? Will justice win after 50 years ?  And will love survive time and differences ?

August 1965. Wannsee lake. Berlin. A family trying to escape breaks in pieces.

October 1986. West Berlin. Athens. Tucson. The remain of the family trying to unite again.

November 1994. Florence. Three people in passionate relations.

August 2002. Siros island. Greece. Someone’s return.