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Arkoudeas Kostas

Arkoudeas Kostas

Kostas Arkoudeas made his literary début in 1986 at the age of twenty eight with “Let Bob Marley Wait”, a collection of short stories. Since then, his novels, novellas, and short stories have assured him a constant presence in Greek letters. He spent four years in Santorini and now he lives in Athens, where he works at the Ministry of Culture and as an advisor for TV book emissions.

Virginia spend hours by Saz’s side teaching him to read and write. His favorite books described the adventures of the great travelers of old, particulary Ibn Battutah, who had been born on the same day as him: 24 February. The Moroccan wanderer covered vast distances, chiefly because his guiding principle was to never journey the same road twice.

«Never the same road twice?» Saz asked his mentor.

When Ralph Underhill, a researcher at MIT in Boston, hears a knock at the door, he opens it expecting to see his ex-girlfriend, Emily Payne, who has come to collect her things and move out of his house and his life. Instead, it’s his co-worker Henry Saulman, who has been gravely injured and collapses in front of him. Before passing out, Henry reveals an amazing secret: the lab computer has come up with the next prime number containing only the digits 4 and 7 in its huge sequence of numbers.