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Kolia Zefi

Kolia Zefi

Zefi Kolia was born in Piraeus, the main port of Athens in Greece.

For many years she has been working as a journalist writing articles concerning politics, ecology and literature for a variety of journals. Her first novel was published in 2000 and since then she has published four other novels and a book for 10+. Her short stories have been published in literary collections, magazines, newspapers and websites.

She has translated into Greek Edgar Allan Poe’s short story collection with the title, ‘The black cat and other stories.’

Laura was barely two years old when in their ramshackle house in exile in Belgium her father Karl Marx and  ‘’uncle Fred’’ wrote the Communist Manifesto. She and her siblings would follow the path to exile and poverty in the steps of their parents, the revolutionary doctor of philosophy and his Red baroness, the aristocrat Jenny von Westphalen.

Paul was barely ten, when his father Francois Lafargue, after the bloody uprising of the slaves, hastily sold his coffee plantations in Cuba and returned with his wife and only son to Bordeaux- where he purchased vineyards.