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Malouchos Georgios

Malouchos Georgios

Georgios P. Malouchos was born in Athens in 1967. He studied public administration in Athens and social politics in Lausanne. He is a journalist, writer and producer with a focus on documentaries of events and biographies with historical or political importance. The Greek language content of his most important works is distributed on multiple media formats including radio, television, books, DVD’s and CD’s. 

George is currently columnist of the leading Greek newspaper To Vima. In this role, he writes on a wide range of topics, mostly Greek, european and euroatlantic politics.

George has also travelled on numerous international missions to interview notable individuals in the Greek and international political, cultural and economic scene. His interviews include: Helmut Schmidt, Simon Peres, Souleiman Demirel, Jaap de Houp Scheffer, Lord Robertson and the former US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen. He focuses on issues in civil defense, diplomacy and international politics with a particular emphasis on NATO matters. 

«The Rise and Fall of German Europe» examines the role of Germany in the Eurozone crisis. Its main thesis is based on the two historical processes –the reunification of Germany and the establishment of the common currency- that took place rοughly at the same time and resulted to the revival of an old idea:  the German hegemony over Europe. The book explains why Germany is the great beneficiary of the recession that started from Greece on a political, financial and institutional level and went on to drive several countries to instability together with the Euro itself.

A book-pamphlet, coming straight from the heart of the Greek crisis, the return of the Reich  is an eloquent and concise analysis of how the greek fiscal collapse and the criminal responsibilities of the ruling class have helped Germany to impose a domineering policy in Europe today.

The term Reich has nothing to do with the “Third Reich” as probably many would coherently suppose. It has nothing to do with the Nazis or the concentration camps. It means a unified and integrated Germany which attempts to dominate Europe.