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Going round like a bat

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In mid-20th-century Piraeus, near the port, different worlds clash. The proletariat against the bourgeoisie. The East against the West. The harsh reality of postwar Greece against superheroic fantasy.

Will Captain Bat win over Thodora's heart? Getting her into bed is easy. But in order to really conquer her, he will have to beat the marginal subculture that she finds so fascinating.

French translation available

Jemma Press, 2015, 78 p.

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Christoulias Petros

Petros Christoulias was born in Chalkida in 1979 and he studied in the Thessaloniki Art School.

He is working as a painter and illustrates children books. The comics he has written and illustrated have been published in magazines and websites and have received many awards. He is also working on animation project.

He has participated in almost 20 collective comic expositions in Greece and an exposition on his book “Trenches” was organized in The Greek National Library. He has also participated at the festival  La Storia in Piazza, at the Palazzo Ducale in 2011 where he received honours in “conflicts war baloons” for “Trenches”. In 2015 he participated at the collective exhibition “Ella” at Tricromia gallery in Rome and in the Ravenna festival.

All his books have received different prices.

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