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28 photos and 28 texts on the city's allure.
The wanderer's consciousness is the perception of a person experiencing the city's oscillation as an emotional flutter – it's the perception of a lonesome Athenian passer-by. The photographic lens and writing of Christos Chryssopoulos merge in this book restoring a strange yet fascinating contact with the world that surrounds us.

“We are ever leaning. A little more each day. We walk aslant to reality, and still we do not fall, we do not stumble, but learn not to let our new angle make our heads spin. And we see everything around us as if it were upright, though nothing is upright. Athens is becoming more and more skewed. And we follow suit.”

Okto, 2015, 68 p.

February 2000. A Woman arrives in a small town by the sea. As everybody in this novel, she has no name but just property or profession. She is waiting for someone who won’t come. She is a stranger and the inhabitants will react to her presence creating thrilling, sometimes ridiculous or even tragicomic situations.

Beware of the past…

Athens, December 2008. Alexangelos Elephantis is a 40 years old ex boxer, who failed his title fight due to a heart problem. He leaves alone stuck to his inglorious past - the death of his ex girlfriend Athena and the loss of the title - drinking beers and listening to rock music. He owns a gym but the bank wants to confiscate it due to an old debt.

This is a non-fiction book on Athens, where poverty is gaining place and making Athenians feel very differently from some years ago. The author is walking around the city and takes photographs of people who are living in conditions where dignity seems forgotten. One part of the book consists of a dialogue with an Athenian homeless whom Chryssopoulos met for some days and it also contains photos.

A woman travels continuously, with her back turned to time and space. A little girl wants to

become Christ and, up to a certain point, she isn't doing too badly. A grandmother wakes up from anesthesia speaking French. A flooded room. A concert at the music venue 'Gagarin'. An add. Two Angels, one make-believe and one false. A train crossing a room. A marriage proposal. 'Knifed Time' and a series of suspects. 'A Clueless Fairy'. The 'Garden of Ephemeral Delights'. The deadliest sin.

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